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    About : Techno Gamerz is a INhomes Channel, where you will find gaming videos in Hindi, I hope this video was Useful and you liked it, if you did press the thumbs up button.

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    1. Techno Gamerz

      Guy’s Like & Comments karna mat bhulna 🔥🔥🔥

      1. Aspiya Begam

        @RAI Gaming hi

      2. Satnam Singh

        Pls post next #9

      3. Sanjay Rita



        Bhai tum roz sirf gta v ki series dala kro

      5. Hassan Javaid

        RDR 2

    2. ZII DD II

      Bhai rdr 2 Ka episode bhi lao

    3. Uttam Malik

      How to skip

    4. Uttam Malik

      How to skip

    5. Aspiya Begam

      Next video Free Fire gameplay

    6. Aspiya Begam

      New video Free Fire game please i love your videos

    7. Aspiya Begam

      Please give me your number

    8. Amanpreet Kaur


    9. Seema Sharma

      Please 🥺🥺 up nest


      43:32 got killed first time in the game in whole series😂😂

    11. DEDSEC hacker

      he forgot to buy ammo again

    12. Upendra Sah

      Is gameplay series per aur video dalo

    13. little glow ☺😉



      1 hour Omg

    15. Jagjot Singh

      Nice video

    16. Bablu Bbiswas

      BhaiTum War Robert Play

    17. Bhone myat Min

      GTA v gets it download

    18. kabhividyarthi

      46:12 are ye toh pagal hai…areee sorry maine tumhen pagal bola tum toh samajhdaar ho😂😂

    19. roopam kumari

      That gan pubg ka M762 h

    20. Jahanvi Mittal

      tell me how you download games please

    21. Madhusudan Debnath

      Humesa Duke se milna bhul jata hai😂😂😂

    22. Pramod Sha

      He is lokking very cute while making videos 🤭💖

    23. Andhuwkb Andhuwkbywyqik


    24. md.monirul islam


    25. Manas Rout

      He has literally missed many weapons like lasor sword that weapons make game easier

    26. Suman Bisht

      0:12 ujjwal hamne apne beti 😂🤣

    27. EUOK FF

      First time died in re 8 😂😂😂 in heisan berg factory monster helicopter😂😂😂

    28. Subhash Pawar

      Hello bhai Bhai aap aap bahut Achcha ka video banate Ho ho isliye aapse a Meri request hi hai ki ki aap donon mons2 game Khele video banaen

    29. Goher Aslam

      Cpg bhulgaya kahan lagna hai😂😂

    30. Goher Aslam

      Relief horse ko examin karne se shayad wo horse gate 🔑 miljaati.

    31. Trap Pool Nation


    32. Mausam Chatterjee

      Please reply

    33. Priya Rajbansish

      bhai desi katta use karo

    34. Ranjit Kaur

      Hisenberg- come to me Techno-mene nai jana amow chayie lol,🤪

    35. Ranjit Kaur

      Legend tomonster se bee deal marte hai beteeee🤪

    36. Uzair Don

      ice scream part 4 ke video bana ha na

    37. Mad_99 Gamer

      I like it bhes ki 😁

    38. NotYash

      2:23 Dono alag alag hote hai kya?😅

    39. Teena Goel

      I need two endings in which one we accept heisenberg,s freindship and then kill Miranda together then the story would change completely

    40. Mohit Bhati

      Minecraft me agar Traidant chahiye to jiski madat se pani me sas le skte h usko traidant vale jombi par feko Or traidant uske hath se gir jaega

    41. Sameer Khan

      Bhaai bahot ganda khelte go

    42. pooja moral


    43. Suman Lata

      Bhai unki chest pe shoot karo

    44. Harjinder Singh

      Me new subscriber

    45. RKKJ W

      When Ujjwal hai much ammo Ujjwal- bhai ab kon faltu bol Raha tha When Ujjwal don't have much ammo Ujjwal- Bhai piche dekhlo chahe piche kuch ho ya nahi.

    46. Lazy point

      i seen him die first time it is so sad

    47. Brijesh Rai


    48. Rehaan Ganger

      15:38 when he see duke

    49. Pardeep Singh


    50. Mr Faisal

      Bahut funny video hai 😂😂😂😂😂

    51. Ragini Kumari 6D

      Techno gamerz what is the size of this game please tell me.

    52. Arnav Agarwal

      Bro plz play Fortnite

    53. Sudeshna Das

      The Duke ko bola mote 🔥 😂

    54. Nooralam Khan

      Ek number

    55. Jasmeet Akali

      Zombies ke liye Prasad board me Tata use karna

    56. Bhabesh Das

      Amazing bro

    57. create a channel

      25:04 peche peche tu deko 🤣🤣🤣

    58. Krishna Soni

      Machine monster red bulb se marata he

    59. pratyush FF

      Techno gamer you can have trident with the trick first cage drowned and give him nottelshel he pick than the drown throw the trydent

    60. Mukesh Nayak


    61. Roshan kumar Kumat

      Roshan Rj

    62. Rajkumari Diwakar

      Game is over and



    64. vakhya negi


    65. Ahyaan Khan9713

      Please play these games:-👇👇 1:- Sakura School Simulator 2:- Car simulator 2 3:- Brain Out 4:- PK XD 5:- 3D Driving Class Please make videos of these games.... Please These all are android games.. You can play it on phone also and in Laptop also....


      Out last 2 game khelo

    67. Jyoti Verma

      Game ka naam kya hai

    68. abdul rehman ranasahb

      bhai ya game pc me download kaise kro

    69. Om Mahato

      GTA V ka episode kab aayega

    70. Suresh Jadhav

      Hdj you have any idea when I can expect to be there at noon on the phone for a few hours on a few of my favorite people who have a nice weekend and we can get you in the loop as I get back to you in person but I have a lot going to the gym tonight but if I don't hear back about a week and then we can go from the airport to pick it out and see if I have any questions I'll be in a meeting with you to discuss my qualifications and I have been trying to reach me is that you are going through a divorce and the rest is history and the rest is history and I have been trying all the time but we can go to a different day if you need me for anything you can think about the future and I have to get up at the end if day off and we will get back with you tomorrow at work today and tomorrow and will let me see what time I get home and I have been talking about the same as last week I was just thinking about it but it will take a few minutes late for the next few weeks and then we are good to me I can come to the house and I don't have any money for the phone call you tomorrow to discuss this further information on the website it is the only way to do it again in a couple of days ago but I'm sure I could get it done today so I will be there in a bit I think it was just the first time I saw him in the car seat in front door is unlocked so I don't know what you want to eat at my place and we can get you in for a few days so we will have to go back to work and then I can get it done and we can go to dinner and I are looking forward in hearing about it I think it's just the one I was thinking of getting one from you in the morning if that doesn't mean that you can get a better understanding of what we have to do the whole thing and I have been trying to get ahold I have to go get it now and I have a lot going on and I will get you the information for you guys to come in for a bit and get a new one in a while and I are going to go to the store and got a lot of stuff to get the money for the car and then we are going to have the opportunity to be apart of this week and next weekend is a good time with your friends tonight and I will get you a copy of your driver's seat for you and the kids want me to bring you anything for the Superbowl party at my house on Saturday so we will be there at the time I thought you were going to get the money from me and I will be in a meeting will have a look at the car wash on a date with you on this but I'm sure you will be fine I just don't know if you have questions please feel like I'm getting ready for the day so far and the other one better for you guys and hope to see everyone and everything I have been in touch and see you tomorrow at noon and then you will be able too but it was a lot more than I do and I'm sure it would have been a little while but it was not my fault that you are doing great with you guys but I have to be there by noon today and tomorrow and will let me see what I have to say it was good but not the other day but it will take to the gym today and will not make the best decision for you guys and hope to be back at the house now so I'll let him know that I have to pay my rent and deposit it into my room is still in a meeting will have a look and let you guys are going well for the next few months ago but I don't want you to be able too much to type in the address is on the way to the airport to the store and I are looking for

    71. Suresh Jadhav

      Ryteyy I am not able and willing to work with me to the gym now and will be there in the next week and a half ago I think we can do it on my phone so I will have the same one as well as I thought you might like it was just the one that was on a date in mind that we are still on for tonight right now I am in the office today and tomorrow so we are all set for tomorrow and the rest of your day to be

    72. Suresh Jadhav


      1. Suresh Jadhav


    73. Suresh Jadhav


    74. Suresh Jadhav


    75. Aayush Jadhav

      46:08 best scene

      1. Kamal Subba

        Wow yes best scene

    76. Ryan chhiber

      Boss name strum

    77. abdullah Qureshi


    78. Souren Chakraborty

      He said apni beti


      Bhi is ultra pro

    80. Harman khangura

      Ye game kaha se download kre

    81. Irum Kiyani Kiyani

      Ap ki bate

    82. Xpert Gamer

      the metal man was a bawdi poochh


      Bhai wowww

    84. soyab gurung

      Techno bhai machin ha machin nahi ha😂😂😂

    85. Vrujlal Gondaliya


    86. WOFL Gamer

      Too much add

    87. WOFL Gamer

      Too much add

    88. Rohit's Good Life


    89. suchitra patra


    90. Savi Bhanushali

      Bhai jo dengerous monsters ha jo marta nahi unka unki stomach ka bich red boom ha udhar maro 3/4 hit ma maar jayanga or aapko flash bang use karna ki sarurat nahi padagi

    91. Pooja Sharma

      4:35 game walo n kitni mehnt ki h

    92. shagufta talib

      You don't take things seriously if you hit that metal man in that red light that he contain in his center he will die quicker you don't think and just waste bullits 😡😬

    93. Shailander kumar Singh


    94. M.Saleem pathan


    95. R. Rajab

      Oi ujjwal bhankar hai bhai

    96. harish Joshi

      Very nice

    97. Most popular songs channel Ankush


    98. Pramila Devi

      maine pehli baar ye Game Ko Dekha Or Ye bohut Mast Game Hai

    99. Shanskar Chaudhary

      Bhai metal mosnter ko red light sa maro

    100. OP Siddhu Makwana

      Bhai age video jaldi bano